Tombs with anthropomorphic plants

We are still excavating in, the so-called, “Trench 1,” in which, as already mentioned, we intend to document the southern limit of this great funeral space. Anthropomorphic plant tombs appear here, sometimes they are covered and sometimes not. In general, the condition of the cadaveric remains may be regarded as optimum; however, the high level of acidity of the natural substrate causes huge erosion in the most sensitive bones (case of the ribcage, the heads of femurs and of tibias, or phalanges of the fingers).

View of the excavated area in Trench 1. You can see the graves, some with a stone cover.

A photo of two burials in anthropomorphic tombs. Both in supine position but with a different position of the upper extremities.

Translated by Lara M. Moreda
Edited by Andrew B. Greeves