Cleaning and Consolidation of the Mosaic Pavements

The 5th season will be complete with cleaning and consolidation of the mosaic floors that were discovered this year. This work involves the removal of the lime scale that鈥檚 covering the mosaics (using the technique mentioned before). Subsequently, the more sensitive areas or broken ones are consolidated in situ in an effort to protect the artifacts. In accordance with the requirements set by our restorer, Mrs. Adela Rodriguez, we cleaned and put gauze (with a solution of acrylic resin + acetone) on the most damaged parts of the mosaic. Furthermore, gaps and cracks in mosaics are sealed with specific restoration products.
Eliminaci贸n de la costra calc谩rea
This image shows how we eliminate the calcareous crust (on the mosaic) using scalpel blades.

Trabajo de limpieza
The meticulous work we do to clean the mosaic pavements.

This is the moment when we proceed to put gauze in a much altered zone by the inclusion of graves.

Teselas engasadas
This shows how the tiles once had gauze over them.

Translated by Lara M. Moreda
Edited by Andrew B. Greeves

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