Temporary Extension of the Excavation

Posted by foramen on September 5, 2008, 12:12 pm
in General ( Villa Romana)

Since the completion the 5th campaign excavation, the Hon. Avila County Council decided to extend the excavation. According to the method applied so far, based on trying to define the floor of the building, it was decided to establish a working area from the southeast end of the recently concluded campaign. It is a rectangle of 23 meters (75ft) in the north-south axis and by 9 meters (29ft) in the east-west axis. So we will continue with the work of exhuming the anthropic levels.
This is the rubble generated after the abandonment and looting of the building. The rubble is located below the surface layer.
Mosaico liebre y perdices
Picture showing a detail of the figurative mosaic founded on this campaign.

Translated by Lara M. Moreda
Edited by Andrew B. Greeves
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