New campaign

The new campaign of archaeological works in the Roman Villa “El Vergel” , in San Pedro del Arroyo (Ávila, Spain), was able to start this month. The company “Estudio de Arqueología Foramen S.L.” is the one responsible for carrying out the research project this year as well. Specialists in fields such as epigraphy, numismatics, ceramics, glass… will advise to help with the understanding and interpretation of the results that are obtained. The 2013 campaign corresponds to the 11th Phase of excavations at this site and, during it, the company wants to clear an area of 250 sq meters (about 2,691 sq ft). This area is mainly located between the room with Meleager’s mosaic and the excavated area that is? situated in the North-west. With the excavation of this area we try to complete the plane of the area to get to know its function in the late residential area of the villa.