Cleaning of roof collapses

The excavation of the roman villa keeps going on but slower than we would like. The patterns observed from the beginning continue unchanged beyond the different potencies observed in the levels of debris, for the time being. We are proceeding with the exhaustive and methodical cleaning of roof collapses that were covering the rooms, through this thorough work we can see with detail that the rubble is more abundant in some sectors than in other.

General view of some rooms with collapsed roofs during the cleaning process and documentation.
Picture showing a detail of the previous image.

Plane of several rooms

The work done at the Roman villa during this campaign has been to exhume the different layers in reverse order of their deposition (the newest ones are on the top meanwhile the oldest are in the bottom). Thanks to this work we have been able to complete the plane of several rooms that couldn’t be excavated during previous campaigns. The documented stratigraphy is easy to read and it’s similar to the others, observed during other phases: under the vegetation cover we document different levels of debris associated with abandonment and ruin of the villa; these seal different types of flooring rooms (either tile, concrete or packed mud). Sometimes, these mosaics are affected by the inclusion of burials whose chronology is established between the Visigothic Kingdom and High Middle Ages.

Photograph showing a detail of one of the documented debris levels

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