Final mosaic cleaning

The cleaning of one of the mosaics is almost completely finished, and now we are consolidating certain areas, especially the ones close to a breakage and therefore likely to be altered again.
View of the octagonal central motif surrounded by rope motives that bind creating swastikas and generating, at the same time, another large cruciform frame.

View of the northern end of the room, with a closing checkered mosaic (Bichrome): white and pink tesserae.

In addition, we started to clean the second mosaic pavement. It is polychrome and larger than the one mentioned above, the decorative scheme presents the same motifs as we said before but with a slightly different distribution.
View of mosaic floor. It can be observed that the octagonal shape is repeated, the rope motif is linked in swastikas and other caissons have a black and white checkered motif .

Translated by Lara M. Moreda
Edited by Andrew B. Greeves

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