2009 Campaign

The archaeological excavations at the site known as "Roman villa of San Pedro del Arroyo" have started this year in late September. The company responsible for carrying them out, Archaeology Study FORAMEN, SL, as in previous years has a multidisciplinary team with specialists in different fields of Archaeology (epigraphy, numismatics, ceramics, glass ...), plus the scientific advice of Dr. Jose Antonio Alvarez Abásolo, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Valladolid.

As the project developed, Campaign VII, we’ve been working in an area of about 400m2 (4,305ft2), continuing from space excavated during the previous two phases. Once the east and west ends of the residential complex had been located, we had tried to complete the disposition and development of the house to the south, specifically trying to define the new corridor found and the room attached to it.

The results obtained in this campaign have revealed the existence of four rooms situated to the west of one of the corridors. Two of the rooms have a signinum pavement while the remaining two floors have mosaics floors with geometric patterns. We note the presence of an apse-shape at the end of one of the signinum rooms and one of the two rooms with mosaic presents two heights (indicated by a mosaic plinth).
The above mentioned mosaic floors have some irregularities and fractures due to both the presence of plant roots as well as the intrusion of plowshares. As in previous campaigns, consolidation work carried out during the excavation: applying mortar to prevent the falling of the tesserae, and therefore, degradation of the mosaic. We also have proceeded to put gauze with a solution of acrylic resin and acetone on some particularly sensitive areas.

Finally we want to notice, that in this phase, the excavation has shown the existence of a square structure made of hydraulic concrete. Although we cannot say categorically its function, it could be a pool or ritual pond based on its similarity to such structures found in other sites of this nature. The analysis and further study that is necessary to prepare the report of this campaign could shed more light on this aspect.

Translated by Lara M. Moreda
Edited by Andrew B. Greeves

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