The end of excavation's 11th campaign

We are almost about to finish the excavation of the area planned for this phase and at this point the results we obtained suggest that the pars urbana rooms correspond to the domestic area, to include; a dining room (triclinium), kitchen area, and storage (even so the investigation is still ongoing, so we are not 100% sure). We also are able to re-confirm the presence of Visigothic and Medieval funerary structures on top of the Late Roman ones.

The only work left to do to finish this campaign is cleaning the floor of room 9 (East - West axis), it is a polychrome mosaic basically made by two geometric figures: squares and diamonds. These figures, jointly, developed a scheme in which alternate lines of diamonds and lines of squares, framed by a skirting board with shield motifs.

A clear example of the villa's occupation sequence

Thanks to thorough documentation of the different stratigraphic levels, we can confirm the idea that this late Roman villa was abandoned for reasons still unknown. After the abandonment of the place a marginal use of the structures and the ruins of other structures began, and after that the area started to have a funerary purpose, as you can see in the pictures below. In these we can see how the roof’s collapse is deposited on the floor of the room, and over it we can find a funerary structure, probably Visigothic.

Cleaning of roof collapses

The excavation of the roman villa keeps going on but slower than we would like. The patterns observed from the beginning continue unchanged beyond the different potencies observed in the levels of debris, for the time being. We are proceeding with the exhaustive and methodical cleaning of roof collapses that were covering the rooms, through this thorough work we can see with detail that the rubble is more abundant in some sectors than in other.

General view of some rooms with collapsed roofs during the cleaning process and documentation.
Picture showing a detail of the previous image.

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